Apprenticeships at Nu Instruments – October 2011

In the UK, the apprentice scheme was a great way to get hand-on experience in a working environment. Typically, apprentices would be young school leavers without any prior work experience but keen to learn a trade. From the employer’s perspective, employing apprentices was a great way of identifying high quality staff at an early age. Although apprenticeships were not permanent positions, it was common for employers to keep those that proved themselves. However, over the years apprenticeships have become far less common, in part due to the increased pressure for young people to further their academic studies. At Nu Instruments we are always on the lookout for the engineers of the future and we are very pleased to see that the UK government has put the apprentice scheme back on the agenda. We have been supporters of the scheme for some time and try to have at least one apprentice working with us at any time. Our latest apprentice, Sophie, joined us just a few months ago as a production apprentice and is learning the skills required to assemble the electronics units in our instruments.


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