New version of AttoLab launched for the AttoM HR-ICP-MS

Nu Instruments are pleased to announce the launch of  AttoLab 2.0.5 which has fixes for a number of reported issues as well as significant new functionality requested by a variety of users. The changes include:

  • New data file structures with
    • Date time stamps for each data cycle in standard and TRA files
    • Exact mass position for each step in peak scan files
    • Detector mode used for each peak in each cycle
    • Optional automated export of data into the netCDF format for chromatography
  • Significant improvements to the Time Resolved Analysis software. An Application Note is available describing the changes to :
    • Flexible bi-directional triggers to integrate with a variety of third party accessories
    • Display of the detector mode used to acquire peak data on screen and in the data files
    • Ability to automatically start and stop data acquisition based on signal thresholds
    • Ability to integrate regions in the time data both post acquisition and whilst data is being acquired live
    • Ability to attach NICE (Nu Instrument Calculations Editor) files to data regions for advanced data processing of isotope ratios
    • Ability to apply variable smoothing to the raw data to improve precisions
    • Ability to plot raw ratios in real time
  • Significant improvements to method setup for high resolution peaks
  • Ability to define an absolute number of points or percentage of points to integrate in peak scan
  • Enhancements to the tuning windows to aid instrument setup
  • A new version of NuVu is also available with changes for compatibility with the new version of AttoLab


To find out more and gain access to the FTP site to download the upgrade and documentation please contact us on 

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