Attom HR-ICP-MS – updates to hardware and software for 2014

Nu Instruments is pleased to announce a series of revisions to Attom for 2014 aimed at improving the capability of the HR-ICP-MS for quantitative analysis.

A new long lifetime fixed slit design has been implemented which has customisable widths with resolutions from 300 to >10,000. The reproducibility of slit changes and design features to improve lifetime are detailed in an Technical Note.

A new version of AttoLab control and acquisition software  has been developed that includes the ability to link multiple methods with samples in the batch list and drive the deflector lens with higher precision. This takes advantage of the new slit design offering the highest levels of flexibility to the analyst.

Also new is a quantitative software package Nu Quant, that has been developed to complement the new hardware and changes to the AttoLab. Nu Quant has been designed with all the tools most commonly required by an analyst as well as the more specialised tools often requested by laboratories undertaking the most difficult analyses.

Upgrades for existing Attom instruments will be available and current users are invited to a web based seminar to learn about the changes. Please contact to get details on the next web seminar for your time-zone.

A new brochure is available for Attom as well as the poster that was shown in January 2014 at the Winter Plasma Conference in Florida.

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