New version of AttoLab launched for the AttoM HR-ICP-MS

Nu Instruments are pleased to announce the launch of  AttoLab 2.6.0 and Ion Counter Firmware  v5.5 which has fixes for a number of reported issues as well as significant new functionality requested by a variety of users. The changes include:

Instrument control, tuning and calibration

  • Revised control and operation of  AttoM’s fixed slits and octupole hardware
  • Nu Quant has now replaced NuVu in the data processing options
  • The Deflectors, Quads and some other controls have been given fine and course adjustment buttons

Method development and data acquisition

  • Automatic centralising of peaks for a peak scan method
  • Improved flexibility in setting magnet park masses and method optimisation for peak scan methods
  • Scanned peaks acquired at 100us per step to improve peak location accuracy
  • Changes to data acquisition grouping to work with Nu Quant’s data search functions

Batch analysis

  • Multiple methods can be acquired for each sample to fully utilise the AttoM’s multiple fixed slit design
  • Allows wash times of 0 to be added
  • Automatically uses the auto-sampler’s default wash position if wash time >0, so Wash samples need only be added if an alternative wash position is required


To find out more and to download the upgrade and documentation please contact us on 

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