Nu Instruments unveils The Panorama HR Stable IRMS

Dec 2014 – Nu Instruments unveiled their latest mass spectrometer The Panorama. The instrument has been designed specifically to measure diagnostic ratios of the rare methane isotopologues C12H2D2 and C13H3D and is capable of unprecedented measurements of isotopic bond ordering in methane gas. A Deep Carbon Observatory initiative lead by Principal Investigators Prof Edward Young (UCLA) and Dr Douglas Rumble (Geophysical Laboratory), the Panorama has been designed by Dr Phil Freedman (Nu instruments) and built at their manufacturing facility in the UK. The future users of Panorama recently visited Nu Instruments and successfully ran the first samples on their instrument.  The instrument is on its final stages of testing and will shortly commence the long journey to its final home in the USA.

The photograph shows the team responsible for the design and build of the Panorama with  Prof Edward Young and Dr Douglas Rumble with the Panorama HR-IRMS.


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