New Version of Nu Quant software launched for Attom HR-ICP-MS

Nu Instruments are pleased to announce the release of Nu Quant v1.1 which contains significant new functionality including a new implementation of NICE for customised data processing for Isotope Ratios and Isotope Dilution calculations.

  • Simple isotope ratios
  • Ability to define complex maths for corrections
  • Simplified replacement for the Retain() function
  • Powerful store() function to allow cycles and sample counters and rolling stores of values
  • Global database of constants which is user editable
  • Ability to define input variables that appear in the sample list for simple copy and paste changing in a batch
  • Ability to implement Isotope Dilution calibration

Other changes include:

  • Ability to rename and delete batches
  • Modifications to the batch builder and choice of analytical method
  • The batch builder now has an Undo function
  • Addition of a peak location marker in thumbnails to further improve ease of use
  • Ability to edit the detector calibration parameters for all replicates with simple copy and paste
  • Addition of a CSV export for the cycle data including the NICE calculated values
  • Ability to reset a batch into its original order
  • After clearing the change history the batch must be saved as a new name

To find out more and to download the new software installer and a revised Getting Started Guide please contact


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