UCLA welcomes the Panorama HR Stable Isotope Ratio MS

The world’s first Panorama instrument, developed by Nu Instruments in the UK, was enthusiastically welcomed by scientists and students at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Social media soon erupted with talk of the new instrument arriving at the university, as every stage of the installation process was captured and posted online. A time lapse video detailing each stage of the instruments assembly can be viewed here.

Principle investigators of the Deep Carbon Observatory initiative, Prof Edward Young (UCLA) and Dr Douglas Rumble (Geophysical Laboratory) were delighted with the instruments performance. Professor Young congratulated Nu Instruments, affirming the equipment is “absolutely fabulous, I’m on cloud 9”. Furthermore, Dr Rumble commented “The current run is without a doubt the best analysis of 12CD2H2 ever made at any time on any planet! Congratulations to all the Nu Instruments Panorama Team!” The Panorama, designed by Dr Phil Freedman, is built at the Nu Instruments manufacturing plant in the UK. The photograph below shows the Panorama Team at the UCLA laboratory following the successful installation of the instrument.



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