Nu Instruments Acquisition


Nu Instruments Ltd has been wholly acquired by the Materials Analysis Division of AMETEK; a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices. The acquisition reflects the success of the company to date, and offers potential for growth in the future. AMETEK specialise in buying successful scientific companies and helping them to grow further, supported by a robust international network of engineers and support staff.


The name of the company will remain as Nu instruments, but will be a business segment of CAMECA (also an AMETEK company), who offer a complementary product range. CAMECA has been involved in the scientific instrumentation industry for material characterisation for many years, and being a part of this organisation will help ensure long term success for Nu Instruments. Both companies are strong brands with a reputation for excellent customer care. CAMECA has a large installed base (over 1000 instruments worldwide), which will enable Nu to benefit from a stronger international support presence.


There will be no change in management at Nu Instruments in Wrexham. It is very much business as usual, working towards a structure that offers improved support and service for our international network of customers. We will continue to develop pioneering technology and remain world leading innovators in isotopic and elemental Mass Spectrometry.


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