About Us

We are a market leading designer and manufacturer of high performance mass spectrometers and accessories. Founded in 1995, Nu Instruments is dedicated to producing state-of-the-art scientific instruments for a variety of analytical applications. We have built a reputation for carefully designing instruments of the highest performance that take the shortest time to install, and have a reliability that our competitors find difficult to match. We are proud to be the producers of instruments that work.

Our speciality is in satisfying and exceeding the requirements of the mass spectrometry community, providing instruments for specialist applications using specialist techniques, including:







Instrument production, from conception to delivery, takes place at our facility in Wrexham, UK. The wealth of experience within the company is a rare and valuable resource and ensures that the quality of our products has been maintained through our history.


From humble beginnings in 1995 to the truly international company it is today, Nu Instruments has evolved. Our first product was developed in collaboration with the Department of Earth Sciences at Oxford University, and also the Open University. Nu Instruments was commissioned to design and manufacture an MC-ICP-MS that would be more reliable, easier to use and more flexible in operation than the products available at the time. By analysing the key failure points of contemporary products, we were able to remove those weaknesses and the result was the Nu Plasma MC-ICP-MS. Today this instrument is still considered within the community to be the most sturdy and reliable MC-ICP-MS produced, and is the workhorse of the scientific community.

We have continued to adopt this approach with our subsequent designs, through carefully measured growth into the market sectors where we already have considerable expertise in-house. Being a privately owned company, we are able to concentrate exclusively on our customers, not allowing financial considerations to detract from doing the right thing.

Our next products addressed the needs of the Noble gas community, and subsequently the High Resolution ICP-MS and Stable Isotope MS user groups. Our brief has always been to produce instrumentation where there is a well defined requirement for a reliable and easy to use instrument that could improve the productivity of research groups.

We began our business in Wrexham, in North Wales, and our decision to remain there despite our gradual expansion is testament to the encouragement and support that we receive from the local government and nearby businesses.

Nu Instruments employs a team of highly skilled and experienced people. Many come to us from positions previously held at other mass spectrometer companies. We consider experience within the industry to be of hugely significant importance. Naturally, as a high technology company we are committed to innovation and endeavour to provide the very best ownership experience for our customers.