The Attom ES is a double focussing inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer that has been purpose designed to be the ultimate tool for rapid and precise isotope ratio and quantitative analysis of trace elements in solid and liquid matrices. The unique fast scanning techniques, coupled with a novel wide dynamic range detector system make the Attom ES a powerful analytical tool. Furthermore, the flexible high resolution slit system offers the best solution between sensitivity and resolution for unambiguous determinations in complex matrices.

Key Features

High ionisation efficiency ICP source
Five programmable gas flow controllers
Easy access Peltier cooled spray chamber
Easy connection of alternative sample introduction systems
High performance ion extraction and transfer optics
All vacuum pumps and sensors operated at ground potential
Double focussing HR-ICP-MS with analyser and sample introduction system at ground potential
All turbo pumped (water cooled) vacuum system
Low Hysteresis magnet with fast magnetic field changes
‘FastScan’ scanning technology with multiple scan modes
Low noise discrete dynode electron multiplier
Unique patented detector attenuation system, no analogue mode required
Optional Faraday detector for 12 orders of magnitude dynamic range
Enhanced sensitivity interface optimised for laser ablation and dry sample introduction