Stable Isotope-Ratio Mass Spectrometry


Panorama_nu_instruments_1000x1000The Panorama is an entirely new ultra-high resolution multiple collector mass spectrometer specifically designed to undertake stable isotope analyses, far exceeding the performance of other commercial instruments.


Perspective_IS_nu_instruments_1000x1000The Nu Instruments Perspective geometry forms the basis for two state of the art IRMS instruments. Designed for flexibility, high performance and reliability, it has the ability to achieve precise measurements from the smallest sample.


Horizon_ii_nu_instruments_1000x1000The Nu Horizon IRMS instrument is designed for flexibility, reliability and high performance, with user friendly instrument control and data analysis software. This next generation instrument possesses unique features for both Dual Inlet (DI) and Continuous Flow (CF) analysis, interfacing with a wide range of sample preparation peripherals.