High Resolution Noble Gas MS

The new Noblesse HR has the ability to determine the isotope ratios of the noble gases with accuracy, flexibility and reliability. Noblesse HR can resolve most isobaric interferences to the noble gases, giving more accurate results. In particular, all carbon based interferences to Ar, and the 40Ar++ interference to 20Ne+, may be easily separated. Noblesse HR has a new design of ion source which allows optimisation of either sensitivity or resolving power, without any moving parts. The instrument’s unique, patented, zoom optics allow instantaneous switching between different isotope sets. The zoom optics permit the detectors to be fixed, greatly enhancing reliability. The sensitivity and resolving power are also adjusted without the complexity of a movable source slit.

Key Features

Intuitive control software
Enhanced collector options
Zoom Optics for maximum flexibility and reliability
Large 55 Volt dynamic range on the Faraday collectors
Greatly enhanced resolving power – demonstrated separation of H35Cl from 36Ar
State of the art purpose built electronics
Straightforward source filament change
Removal of carbon based interferences at all Ar masses
Fully bakeable to 300 deg C
Up to 5 large discrete dynode electron multipliers for simultaneous measurements of Argon Isotopes