Nu Plasma 1700


The Nu Plasma 1700 is a unique High Resolution Multi Collector ICP-MS from Nu Instruments providing the ultimate in high resolution isotope ratio measurements.

The instrument has been designed with a high dispersion and large geometry to provide a no compromise high resolution capability whilst still maintaining flat top peaks for high precision measurements with minimal loss in sensitivity.

Peak flat at 5,000 resolution

The Nu Plasma 1700’s large geometry uniquely allows resolutions of >5,000 while maintaining peak flat. Each of its sixteen Faraday detectors and five¬†full size discrete dynode multipliers have independent variable high-resolution slits allowing different resolutions on individual detectors. When the highest performing MC-ICP-MS is required, the Nu Plasma 1700 is the no compromise solution.

Key Features

High resolution and pseudo resolution capabilities
Independent slits on each collector
Enhanced variable zoom optics for maximum flexibility
Collector array with sixteen Faraday detectors
Optional high abundance deceleration filters available for each ion counting detector
Collector with 5 ion counting multipliers
Enhanced pumping configuration
Ground potential analyser operation
State-of-the-art electronics and software
Compact torch box design with an externally mounted sample introduction system