Thermal Ionisation MS

Nu TIMS is a Thermal Ionisation Mass Spectrometer.  The instrument has been developed using our field-proven variable dispersion multi-collector technology to improve the versatility and overall performance of this long established analytical technique. It combines design advances in filament assembly, with ease of  use  and high precision. The Nu TIMS utilises our unique patented Zoom lens system to ensure perfect peak alignment without the requirement of moving the detectors. The optional ion-counting Daly, capable of precise measurement of small samples and low abundance isotopes, provides the ultimate in stability and dynamic range.

Key Features

Completely new optimised astigmatic ion optic arrangement with fully laminated 30 cm radius magnet
All stainless steel construction with rapid pump down for high throughput
Independent electrostatic vertical and horizontal focussing
Single and double filament configuration
20 Sample turret constructed from a single piece of stainless steel to minimise trapped volumes
Optional degas bench for rapid outgassing of filaments in batches of up to 40
Patented Zoom Optics for perfect peak alignment and no moving parts
Proven Faraday design with active inner surface and ultra-long lifetime
Optical filament positioning system for accurate filament location and focusing
Enclosed filament assembly designed to remove any possibility for cross contamination