The Nu Instruments Perspective is designed for flexibility, high performance and reliability, it has the ability to achieve precise measurements from the smallest sample. The Perspective with its standard collector block sets a new benchmark in performance for routine stable isotope ratio applications for the measurement of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, sulphur and hydrogen. The addition of the IS collector block, transforms the instrument into the Perspective IS, which has the capability to analyse clumped isotopes with exceptional sensitivity and linearity.

Sample Preparation

The Nu Carb is a compact bench-top dual inlet carbonate device that offers high precision isotope ratio determinations on small carbonate samples. It can be interfaced with the high sensitivity high resolution Perspective isotope ratio mass spectrometer.

Key Features

High efficiency ion source with integral focussing lenses
Hall probe stabilised electromagnet
Unique SIRMS collectors arrays using patented “Variable Zoom Optics”
Largest mass dispersion of any commercial IRMS
Mass resolution CNOS and H (m/Δm) > 200 (10% valley) < >
State-of-the-art electronics and software