Collision Cell MC-ICP-MS


  • Low energy path with collision/reaction cell to remove interfering species for difficult applications
  • High energy path for classical MC-ICP-MS applications
  • Uncompromised isotope ratios 

Sapphire from Nu is a next generation Multi-Collector ICP-MS. The collision cell capable instrument builds on the field proven Nu Instruments Multi-Collector ICP-MS platform (with over 170 installed instruments worldwide) to add unrivalled capabilities. The Sapphire features high and low energy switchable ion beam paths that enable the user to operate the instrument as a traditional Multi-Collector ICP-MS with no compromise in performance. In addition, the Sapphire can also be switched into Collision-Cell mode, where the ion beam is directed into a hexapole collision cell for the measurement of isotope systems where interferences cannot be resolved using high resolution, such as Calcium. Nu Instruments continue to lead innovation in Isotope Ratio analysis, with the Sapphire bringing additional capability to Multi-Collector ICP-MS allowing the measurement of even more isotope systems by this now well-established technique.