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Image of Vitesse covered by red sheet - Coming 2020

Time-of-Flight ICP-MS


  • Fastest wide mass range data acquisition for applications such as laser ablation imaging and nanoparticle analysis.
  • High sensitivity to probe micron sized trace element features in solid samples and determine the elemental composition of individual nanoparticles.
  • High analyte selectivity with a segmented reaction cell optimised for multi-element analysis.
  • High physical resolving power Time-of-Flight (TOF) mass spectrometer to give interference free analysis.

Vitesse is a time-of-flight inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer that has been purpose designed to be the ultimate tool for high speed multi-element applications such as laser ablation imaging and nanoparticle analysis. The product is in the development phase during 2019 with updates on the latest performance available by contacting Nu Instruments. The product will be available for demonstration in early 2020 and shipments later that year.

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  • Thursday October 24th 9am and 4pm British Summer Time - view the on-demand webinar HERE.
  • Tuesday December 10th 9am and 4pm Greenwich Mean Time

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    The ability to collect mass spectra at between 33kHz and 200kHz without interruption coupled with a segmented reaction cell and high resolution mass spectrometer to remove interferences makes Vitesse a powerful analytical tool. Vitesse is also capable of being used for conventional ICP-MS analysis with the robust detection and patented ion beam attenuation systems combining to allow a dynamic range of 10 orders of magnitude. Combined with the well established Nu Quant data reduction software, Vitesse is a powerful tool for specialist nanoparticle and imaging applications as well as high speed conventional ICP-MS analysis.

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